January 19th-22th, 2024

4 days/3 nights, Includes Meals and Lodging.

For Adults 18+

$120  Registration 

($60 Non-refundable Deposit Required to Hold Your Spot) 

Join us as we camp in cabins together, share wonderful meals, worship together and encourage one another! It's a beautiful time to unplug, intercede for our cities & state, go deeper in the Word of God and build stronger friendships.

We believe that taking our region for Jesus begins with communities across Florida, focused on advancing the Kingdom of God, coming together to seek the Lord and build relationship; strengthen one another through ministering to each other; sharpen one another through testimonies; and to intercede for each other though prayer; and keeps us connected in the common bond of seeing the state of Florida taken for the Kingdom of God..


What to expect: Morning and night gatherings of going deep together without huge time constraints; opportunities for late night prayer sets; afternoon free time for sports, hikes, canoeing, swimming in the springs, or just conversations; late night bonfires; morning times with Jesus, and more!

Things to bring: Bible, Journal, (Guitar or Djembe if you have one), Warm Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Clothes for a least 5 days that way you have spare, Towel, Toiletries, Swimwear (one piece or cover-up). It could get VERY cold at night so you may want to bring: Extra Blankets, Jackets, Warm PJ’s, Electric heater.